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The Most Delish Influencer Program

We love influencers and want to work with you. We work with influencers across all categories and audience size. We prefer Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Blogs. While we look at the number of followers and other engagement metrics of your social media presence, we also look at the type of content you post and the relevancy it has for The Most Delish.

Simply email us at We are eager to collaborate with you.

 How Our Influencer Program Works

Brand Promoter. We view this as a get-to-know-you phase. We will send you our products and you will review the recipe and cooking experience via a post, video and/or blog.

Brand Affiliate: Things are going well and we want to mutually continue the relationship. We will work with you to create a feature story, schedule sponsored posts and provide you with commission based promotional offers for your audience.

Brand Ambassador: We are committed to your success. Let's discuss a mutually beneficial relationship. Everything is on the table.