Fun, Role Based Cooking Experience. Authentic Recipes. All Natural Ingredients.




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Our Story

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Asian comfort foods are simply amazing. Taiwanese beef noodle soup, ramen, soup dumplings, pot stickers, and the list goes on. But making authentic recipes from scratch can be intimidating. Hard-to-find ingredients. Unfamiliar cooking techniques. And there is no short cut to making foods that tastes so delish. The most delish authentic foods takes time to build and layer in the flavors.

Just a Bunch of Regular Joes

We are a family of four. Mom of Russian heritage. Dad who is first generation Taiwanese-American. And 2 kids, boy and girl. Like most of you, we love to explore and discover new foods, recipes and restaurants. The idea for The Most Delish started with dad's desire to teach mom how to make authentic Chinese comfort foods he grew up with but did not have time to make. 

The Journey 

Even though it was challenging at first, the act of cooking together made it a fun journey. Over time, and many recipes later, we realized that making authentic recipes from scratch can be a fun, role-play, game-like experience. Then it dawned on us. This is how our parents used to make amazing meal experiences. Everyone would participate, take a role, and contribute to a most delish dinner. And with every most delish dinner, there were stories to be shared.


"We believe the most delish foods are made and shared together."

These authentic recipes we share with you are crafted over generations of home kitchens using all natural ingredients and spices. As these recipes cross generations and regions, they evolved into creative interpretations. Each interpretation becomes its own uniquely most delish dish. These recipes bring families and friends together to explore ingredients, spice combination, cooking technique and share in the taste of a delicious meal. Our passion is to share this experience with you and enable you to share it with people in your your life and your home.

Why Our Meal Kits Are Like No Others

Cook by yourself, our share the experience with family and friends. Tasks are divided by type and technique, mirroring the operations of a restaurant. Mastering a specific technique while optimizing for task completion makes The Most Delish cooking experience fun and unique.